Why are business valuations important ?

A complete, well organized business valuation report which lists the assumptions and describes the methodology used will:

- Assist the buyers of a closely held company in determining a reasonable offer.

- Help a seller to maximize the value of his business.

- Allocate value to different classes of debt and equity security holders that are   providing financing to a leveraged buyout.

- Provide assistance to clients to meet the information requirements of taxing authorities that will minimize the time and expense of an IRS audit.

- Assist the business owner and his advisors in developing an estate plan to minimize taxes.

- Improve employee morale and productivity by assisting in the implementation of an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).

- Assist lawyers in litigation support.

- Provide information to financial institutions on the value of loan collateral.

- Assist debtors, trustees, creditors, and the court in developing plans of reorganizations in bankruptcy proceedings.


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